Designs for Adults and Youth:
to inspire Peaceful and Yogic Living.

Durga Line for those who LOVE Ma! Mother Nature,
Tigers and Shakti Energy.

Durga is the Goddess of Protection
and the one who skillfully removes difficulties.

The Peaceful Princess Line
is designed to inspire youth
to step into their power of peacefulness,
through harmonious living with nature, animals and all of life.

Shiva line for Masculine energy of Peaceful Meditation
stillness in chaos,
and the wisdom of being pure consciousness and bliss.

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Coaching with Durga Devi

In the ancient tradition yoga was shared
one-on-one between teacher and student.
In this way the teacher was able to customize the teachings to the needs of the individual student.
Coaching is for those passionate about making yoga an integral part of daily life and relationships.

Durga Devi offers coaching for:

🌹 Living a Yogic Lifestyle
🌹 Healthy Relationships + Communication
🌹 Achieving Personal + Professional Goals
🌹 Establishing Positive Habits
🌹 Creating a Yoga Practice that is right for you

Durga Devi

Durga Devi has been teaching yoga classes, leading teacher training programs and workshops on various yogic topics for over 20 years.

She was the Founder & Director
of House of Yoga, originally based in Berkley, MI.

After running the yoga studio for 15 years, she is now taking the teachings from the Lineages of Krishnamacharya (Hatha Yoga)
Neem Karoli Baba, Ram Dass, and Bhagavan Das
(Bhakti yoga) and is expanding the teachings beyond walls.

Durga Devi is also the founding member of the kirtan & yoga music group, Vishnu Blue.

Durga Devi has traveled, taught yoga and played music and Kirtan at yoga studios, retreat centers and Yoga Festivals across the US and Canada.

Today Durga Devi continues to bring her sincere and authentic teaching to the worldwide community through ongoing high quality streaming yoga classes, dharma talks, various self study courses, personal one-on-one coaching and the Legacy Year Long Program of Warrior's Journey.


Would you like us to come to your studio?

We offer live kirtan, yoga classes with ambient music,
workshops, sacred ceremonies, pujas, and wedding ceremonies.

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