Saturday, June 22
@ 8 pm - 9:30 pm
Summer Solstice Asana
+ Live Music with Durga Devi,
Shiva Das + Tom Price

This live fresh air yoga class will be accessible to all
who have an existing Hatha Yoga practice.

The evening begins with Intention setting for
Vitality, Longevity and Generosity.

Asana class is accompanied by
live ambient music of
Shiva Das with special guest, Tom Price.

The fresh air and connection
with nature enhances your practice,
and relationship with the Earth,
Sky and Sun.

Invite the open sky, the breeze and the birds to inspire creativity and a deeper connection to the elements and the universe.

Benefits of this Fresh Air Yoga Event:

Enhances grounding, presence + gratitude for life

Improves sense of belonging

Strengthens connection to nature

Boosts mood + reduces stress + Increases Vitality

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Durga Devi

Durga Devi's journey in yoga and holistic wellness
spans over two decades,
and is anchored by the deep-rooted practice
of the eight limbs of yoga.

Her almost two decades as the Director of House of Yoga, alongside Shiva Das,
has refined her expertise
in guiding students toward the interplay of
beauty and vitality
inherent in life.

As a seasoned Jivamukti Yoga Teacher
and 500 Level RYT,
her teaching marries
playfulness with rigor,
encouraging students to explore
their potential while remaining firmly grounded
in the tradition's ancient wisdom.

Her teachings are enriched by a
passionate dedication

to the transformative power of yoga,
drawing from her studies under
luminaries such as
Ram Dass,
Mark Whitwell and Sharon Gannon.

Her approach, shaped by
an unwavering commitment to her students' growth and happiness,
connection with nature,
and the power of sound and mantra,
is brought to life in this Summer Solstice Event.