Why You Need a Life Coach

No matter how you look at it, life is hard. With so much pressure and so many obligations, it’s clear to see why we often feel overwhelmed and anxious. As the weeks, months and years pass, that pressure mounts. It piles on top of us, adding more weight to the shoulders that can’t seem to bear another ounce of it.

Yet, we carry on. We move forward, facing everything that life throws at us. As a result, we suffer. Our personal lives decline, our good habits falter and fail, and we retreat into the comforts and confines of the status quo that we’re so used to. It’s easy to allow life to pass us by when we’re so consumed by meaningless tasks and time-wasters.

Most of us are so set in our ways, that unless we have an objective third party to point things out to us, we often fail to notice the things that are holding up back.

It is a monumental and almost impossible task to do this by yourself. With this said, here are some reason why you might consider a life / spiritual coach if you are serious about making healthy changes in your life and if you have a desire to live a fulfilling and well balanced life:

-Your having trouble following through on your goals
-Your limiting beliefs are holding you back
-You don't know where to begin
-You're unable to define a clear life vision
-Your finances, health & relationships are in disarray
-anxiety and stress are recurring themes in your life
-You feel like you are not getting anywhere in life
-You are easily sidetracked by time-wasters
-You lack a feeling of passion in your life
-You feel lost and hopeless

Why Do Life Coaching?

Our lives are precious!

Sometimes it seems and feels as if we have an endless amount of time and that our lives will always be.

However this assumption is not real. Times does end and one day our lives will be over.

This one life that we have, right now, is a rare gift and our objective should be to live it fully and vibrantly and to help others to also enjoy their lives in return.

What Prevents Us From Really Living Our Lives?

Let's face it, today in our society and within the culture we all live in, things are confusing. There are so many distractions. We can become lost and uncertain. We can become slaves to our habit patterns, to other peoples opinions and beliefs. And in the process we lose sight of our own beliefs and values and we often wander about through life, never really experiencing a fulfilling life.

What is Spiritual Life Coaching and How Can it Help?

One-on-one Spiritual Life Coaching is a method for you to work closely with me in a private and secure setting to help you develop and bring your inner and outer life together harmoniously. 

This system of coaching works best when you come to your own conclusions and find your own solutions. This method will give you to self confidence to move forward in life on your own.

I simply help you to find the answers within yourself. Therefore I am just a guide; keeping accountable to do the work, stay focused and achieve your goals.

Your best life unfolds when you learn how to enhance the quality of your consciousness and create spiritually fulfilling lifework, especially when things become difficult. This is not easy work most of the time, however, in the long term you will find it very fulfilling.

Our opening focus is our consciousness, the perspective with which we evaluate life's challenges, and the inner resources we rely on to handle our life circumstances effectively.

We also focus on developing our inner and outer voices with strength and clarity. Sometimes, we need to learn how to soften and beautify our expressions. At other times, we need to learn how to communicate with authenticity. 

There may also be the need to focus on our lifework development, or developing our existing skills and professions in ways that are in alignment with our soul's purpose.

Without purpose, and without an existing structure to uphold that purpose, our soul may be left without meaning. Taking care of our soul is one thing. Knowing how to fulfill it is another. And this part of the process we address through spiritual life coaching.

A Peaceful Well Balanced Life is Possible!

Spiritual Coaching Focuses on Getting Results

It may sound as if spiritual coaching is about religious practice of some sort. This is far from the truth.

First we must understand that we are all spiritual human beings and that within us there is spirit. However, we also live within the material world with all of its practicalities.

Spiritual Life Coaching Can Help With:

-Learning how to improve the conditions of your inner & out life

-Improve your relationships

-Build your skills to create successful life work

-Learn how to bring your finances into harmony with spiritual presence and power.

-Help to improve the quality & conditions of your own life

-Discover ways to increase your impact on the world around you

-Gain a clear understanding of what you really want in Life

-Achieve your goals with ease, clarity & certainty

Enhance Your Inner & Outer Life

Recognize and break through self-sabotaging habit patterns

Learn to negotiate challenging situations with clarity & calm

Find the motivation to take right action

Build new healthy habit patterns to support your goals

Customize Your Coaching Experience

Accommodate Your Needs or Area of Interest

Whatever your area of interest, I can help!

Achieve Your Most Meaningful Goals

The word ‘goals’ is thrown around a lot today. So much so that it can be confusing what a goal really is.

There’s a direct correlation between setting goals and achieving success. Properly defined goals will help you trigger new behaviors and help you focus on what is most important in your one precious life.

We are all really good at setting goals, but not so good at actually achieving them.

Learning the strategies for setting good goals and achieving them can be tricky.

With a good accountability coach and proper guidance you can actually reach your goals in both your personal and professional life

and achieve them in both your personal and professional life.

Gain Clarity in Your Life & Get Unstuck

In our collective ancient past, the world view was that the earth was flat and the center of the cosmos.

Through science & imperial investigation this was gradually seen not to be the case and humanity started living on a different basis.

In the same way you too must learn to see the reality of your own life, and once seen through investigation, you will learn to live from a new and different basis.

Then and only then will you finally be free from anguish, fear, anger, pain and grief in the body, nervous system and mind.

Develop New Empowering Habits

Your Habits become your character and your character determines your destiny. Our habits are influenced by our thoughts, words & our actions.

Learning to develop healthy habits is the cornerstone of changing our lives and achieving the destiny or our dreams.

Do not let this one life go by as if you have no control. Going with the flow will only lead you into an unfulfilled life.

Take control of your life NOW by developing life fulfilling habits.

Deeper Esoteric Practices

There are Many Yogic practices which are more esoteric. They are not for everyone.
However, for those that may already have experience with yogic practices or for those that are a bit more adventurous & open minded, these techniques can be quite effective for balancing our internal and external lives and can help to enhance the quality of our life experience and bring greater clarity and balance.

Discover Who You Really Are

How well do you know yourself? Do you spend time in silence looking inward to discover who you really are?

Perhaps you may be interested in going on a journey of self discover through the framework of the chakra system.

Learn who you really are, what your real preference are, discover your true beliefs and values are

Sacred Rituals & Mantra

Are you interested in learning mantra practice, deeper and more meaningful meditation techniques, or perhaps you would like to learn some sacred ritual practices which you can do on a regular basis as prayer or to create greater abundance and gratitude in your life.

For those open and interested this part of deep, esoteric practice can be very powerful and transformative.
Learn to connect to divine presence which is around you during every moment.

A Daily Yoga Practice You Can Do!

Daily yoga done consistently will help you to know yourself better, give you the motivation to live your life fully and improve your overall health and well being.
Through private one-on-one coaching, I will help you develop a yoga that is right for you!

I Am David Shiva Das

My dear friend, I have been a yoga teacher for over 25 years now. I have studied the traditions of yoga, particularly chanting, mantra and the tantric aspects of yoga and have distilled the essence of these teachings as they relate to us here now, in our culture and time.

Today, I primarily teach yoga, mantra, healthy living and coach others.

However, in my past I have had a lifetime of experience as a successful business person which was my career for over 30 years. I also have raised 2 children who are now successful young adults.

I have studied many methods of organizing our lives, helped others to create healthy habits and to recognize our own toxic behaviors and beliefs.

I have also experienced many up and downs in my life. I have had many struggles over these long years. Everything from financial difficulties, to relationship conflicts and health issues.

I have been very blessed in my life to have had good guides, teachers & mentors who have taught me so much.

I would enjoy helping you to even out the rough spots in your own life and help to live your life, your life that is worth living, with as much health, wealth, success and happiness as possible!

The Next Step

So, what is your next move? What to do now?

Set up a quick and easy absolutely free 15 minute session with me to see if Spiritual Life Coaching is right for you.
There is absolutely no obligation and no hard (or soft) pressure sales in my coaching process. We will simply have a nice chat and see what unfolds.
In this process you can see if I am a good fit for coaching for you and if I feel as if I can help with whatever it is you may need help with.
We must be comfortable with each other and have confidence that we can be successful together.
Please believe me when I say that I do say no to certain potential clients from time to time if I feel as if I cannot be certain that I can help.
And it must be an absolute YES for you!

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