Saturday, Sept 7 @ 8 pm-9:30 pm

You are invited to Ganesha's Birthday Party!

Meet Ganesha on this guided Meditation set to live Ambient Music.
The fresh air and connection with nature enhances your experience,
allowing you to feel more grounded and present as you meet the divine presence of Ganesha.

Breathe freely and deeply , as you merge with the
vastness of the open sky
and deepen your connection to the universe.

Benefits of this Meditation:

Enhances grounding and presence

Improves focus and concentration

Inspires creativity and connection to nature

Boosts mood and reduces stress levels

Invites Embodiment of Divine Qualities of:
Love, Compassion and Wisdom.

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Durga Devi

Durga Devi's journey in meditation began in her early teens, as she was introduced to Meditation from her Aunt Mandara, a devotee of Swami Baba Muktananda.

Durga Devi's storytelling is greatly influenced by her Beloved teachers:
Ram Dass, Bhagavan Das, Radhanath Swami + Sharon Gannon.

Her voice, soothing, hypnotic and filled with love and devotion
invites her students to enter a safe space
and go beyond the worldliness of this world
and into the realms of divine presence.