General Information

Welcome to the Shiva Sadhana! This program is designed to be practiced anytime that you feel as if you need to take a break from your normal routine or perhaps fire up your spiritual practice or just simply to feel the presence of the Divine in your life.

From time to time it is important for us to have a sabbatical or sorts. Often times, it is difficult for us to travel to a retreat center or spend time in a monastery, etc. This sadhana is designed to be a mini retreat for yourself. It is perfect to be done anytime of the month or the year, especially leading up to landmark days. Perhaps leading up to a birthday or a particular spiritual day that you would like to observe.

It is a perfect Sadhana to do leading up to any shivaratri which occurs each month and especially for Maha Shivaratri which will fall in the year 2020 on February 21st.

This course will contain instructions and suggestions for your sadhana as well as 21 days of shiva meditations, visual content to learn the Shiva Namaskar, as we practice it, and recommendations on modifications. Additionally, you will learn how to do a very simple Shiva Puja on the night of shivaratri or mahashivratri or any Monday, which is the day for acknowledging and doing puja to Shiva.

Get started now and sign up. Content will be loaded every day from February 1st through the 21st.