I am Shiva Das

I have been playing guitar since 1977. I've been in several bands, played rock, country, bluegrass, etc.
When I found my way to my first yoga class, I knew a new threshold had opened up for me.
When I met my spiritual soul-mate and life partner, Abhi Durga Devi, she introduced me to mantra. I went in kicking and screaming, but eventually fell in love with chanting, which then opened up a whole new world of musical possibilities.
We started "Vishnu Blue", a kirtan group with a good friend of ours, Tom Price.
In 2016 a "stroke" of grace left me with limited dexterity in my right arm and it became difficult to play, which just opened another doorway and led me to discover ambient music.
When I started playing, my guitar hero was Jimmy Page. Today my musical heros are Brian Eno, Bill Vencil & Robert Fripp.
And now my journey continues as I endeavor to create a true Ambient Music group called:

Shiva Das Ambient

About Shiva Das Ambient

Here is a short video I created in which I speak further about how I came to create Shiva Das Ambient as well as the creative approach I use when playing music

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The Ambient Sound Lab

Welcome to my Laboratory.

I always sit on the floor when I practice, just like I would when we really play live.

You can see that I use my MacBook Pro computer with various synth apps and a small keyboard to trigger sounds. I am not a keyboard player but I use this to create backgrounds textures like a canvas to paint sounds upon.

The main creative juices flow from the vitamix of my guitars and are the filtered through various "guitar pedals", which are simply a series of special effects such as loopers, echos, sustainers, pitch shifters, etc. You don't need to know what they are, just that they modulate the sound that flows into my amp in various ways to create the beautiful and mystical music that just comes out spontaneously and organically.

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The Gibson SG Special

My main guitar for ambient music is this beautiful Gibson SG Custom Special. It's obviously been through a few spacial distortions and time warps

The Paul Reed Smith SE Custom

The Paul Reed Smith guitars are some of the best made guitars in the world.

This PRS Custom 24SE is my Ambient guitar of choice.

I love the bird inlay and it is just a beautiful guitar for ambient music.

My Old Taylor 814CE

I've have this guitar for over 25 years! Today it is my go-to guitar to just pick up and play. It has beautiful full tone and is a pleasure to play.

I do use it for ambient music but more often for kirtan with Vishnu Blue!

SDA Curriculum

Fun & interesting bits of information and artifacts from "Mystical Archeology©" and Shiva Das Ambient

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Other Band Members

Shiva Das Ambient wouldn't be fully possible without the support of my fellow Vishnu Blue bandmates.
They may appear from time to time with me or I may be a solo one man band. Either way they are invaluable to supporting the music created by Shiva Das Ambient!

Tom Price

Tom Price is an extraordinary drummer! Using a variety of various hand drums, singing bowls, bells, etc., he creates subtle rhythms which perfectly compliments the nada yoga experience.

Tom has played drums since an early age, jamming with famous R&B Groups which cannot be named, but you know who they are. Additionally Tom is the preferred drummer for Bhagavan Das and has also played with Girish.
Tom is the best drummer in the world, and drummer for Vishnu Blue Kirtan as well.

Abhi Durga Devi

Durga Devi's sweet, innocent and angelic voice, along with her harmonium and keyboard accompaniment adds another layer of dimension to the sound textures created by Shiva Das Ambient.

Durga Devi has accompanied Girish on stage at Serendipity Festival & Bhagavan Das on stage at The Wild Woodstock Festival.
She is also the founding member of Vishnu Blue Kirtan.